Thursday, 10 May 2007

Shanghai 2006-2007 vrs Nasdaq 2000-2001

Below is an interesting little figure lifted from ADVFN's China Thread.

ADVFN is the website I use to track Chinese shares traded in the UK. I will post on this subject at a later date. It is becoming increasingly popular for Chinese companies to trade on the lightly regulated UK AIM market. There have already been some spectacular failures and indeed successes.

Click here to register (all free) to read the thread - the link is also in the sidebar. All currencies, commodites and shares worldwide can be checked on this site. It also has a very active discussion board.

How much higher can it go? Apologies for the small print. Check the China Thread on ADVFN to see the picture in a larger form. Blogger is not cooperating.

Note the similarity - this also suggests that there is not long to go. The issue of valuations is an interesting one - some of the Nasdaq valuations went way beyond what is being seen in China but even so, China is well overvalued relative to the rest of Asia.

This other figure is perhaps scarier - this is why taxi drivers and students are investing.

Interesting times ahead.

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