Friday, 11 May 2007

International Political Economy Zone

Whilst we will occasionally (or often) highlight (steal) interesting posts from other blogs and news sources, every now and then we will review an entire blog if it is consistently good.

International Political Economy Zone is one such blog.

This blog is described as:

"Tales of Power, Money, and Occasional Violence"

For this tag line alone this blog deserves to be applauded. However, the content is also excellent and the sidebar links are appropriate and illuminating with an emphasis on quality links.

From the prospective of this readers of this blog, the China section is also the largest category with trade the second largest. Rarely does one come across a blog where the writer and the content appear so closely aligned with my own.

The blog layout is depressingly good for a blogger blogspot and is well laid out and constructed.

The fact there that there is no information on the writer except that he is called Emmanuel adds a little intrigue to proceedings ;-) It is also difficult to gauge how many readers this blog currently enjoys although I am sure it should be more.

International Political Economy Zone/CHINA

All in all a highly recommended blog and somewhere I shall be looking to steal posts from in the future :-)

Here are a few recent links as examples of what to expect.

China on $ Holdings, 06 CA Surplus

Philippines Scores One Over China

US & China, Enviro-Fiends?

Robert Mugabe, Friend of China

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