Tuesday, 8 May 2007

IMF Conference on Global Implications of China's Trade, Investment and Growth

This recent conference on the 7th April shows that there is considerable work being done on the global impact of China's trade, investment and growth. The papers are presented by, for the most part, well established and respected economists in this field.

Although I have come across the majority of these papers before it is handy to have them in one place. My experience of working on similar papers relates to the quality of the data. I have seen a number of these papers presented elsewhere and the issue of data quality remains in my opinion.

I have linked to the papers that I need to read more carefully.

IMF Conference on Global Implications of China's Trade, Investment and Growth


Patterns of Trade Expansion

An Anatomy of China's Export Growth
Mary Amiti (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and Caroline Freund (IMF)
Discussant: Chong Xiang (Purdue University)

The Relative Sophistication of Chinese Exports
Peter Schott (Yale University)
Discussant: Caroline Freund (IMF)

Global Factors that Promote or Impede the Expansion
Chair: Mark Allen (Director, Policy Development and Review Department)

Multinationals and the Creation of Chinese Trade Linkages
Deborah Swenson (University of California, Davis)
Discussant: Beata Javorcik (World Bank)

China's Export Growth and the China Safeguard: Threats to the World Trading System
Chad Bown (Brandeis University) and Meredith Crowley (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
Discussant: Michael Moore (George Washington University)

Consumption, Investment and Growth
Chair: Jonathan Ostry (Deputy Director, Research Department)

China's Role as Engine and Conduit of Growth
Shaghil Ahmed. et. al. (Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System)
Discussant: Jahangir Aziz (IMF/APD)

Das (Wasted) Kapital: Firm Ownership and Investment Efficiency in China
David Dollar (World Bank) and Shang-Jin Wei (IMF)
Discussant: Francesco Giavazzi (University of Bocconi and MIT)

Implications for Other Economies
Chair: Steven Dunaway (Deputy Director, Asia Pacific Department)

Measuring the Vertical Specialization in Chinese Trade
Judith Dean, K.C. Fung and Zhi Wang (U.S. International Trade Commission)
Discussant: Kei-Mu Yi (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)

Is China Changing its Stripes? The Shifting Structure of China's External Trade and Its Implications
Li Cui and Murtaza Husain Syed (IMF)
Discussant: K.C. Fung (University of California, Santa Cruz)

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