Thursday, 3 May 2007

China Job Survey

An interesting list from PanAsianBiz on "the best way to find a job" from a Chinese survey. There is a lack of any real meat on in this article but it does raise a number of issues that we will return to in this blog.

Namely, the desire to work for a foreign owned firm and why so many still want to work in the government sector - the percentage here seems way out of line with Western countries. Is this because the job is "safe" or because it can pay so well (legally and illegally).

The "social networking" aspect also appears to be a strong determinant and is a variation on the UK's "old school tie network". However, the economic consequences can be severe as less able applications get the jobs due to their "connections". This will eventually harm the economy. A system based on merit alone would be a far better alternative.

Finally, it is clear that the pay expectations of those in the survey are relatively low. If we compare their wages with the cost of an overseas education it is clear to see why less Chinese are coming to the UK for undertake postgradate (MSc Economics) and undergraduate studies (BSc Economics).

It would also be nice to have some idea about the survey - how many answered it? Who answered it? What is the geographical coverage? Without such information the answers are largely meaningless.

The Best Way to Find a Job
Nearly half of college grads consider guanxi - a relationship with someone powerful or influential - as the most effective way to get a job.

In the west, it's called connections.

A survey in China also revealed that:

1. 43% think finding a job is rather fierce

2. 18% think the key to find a good job lies in professional skills. Talents with good techniques could easily find a job, and those who lack will have problems."find.a.job

3. 50% hope to make no more than $194 month.

4. 25% expect to make $194-259/month.

5. 22% wishfully think they will make more than $259/month (2,000 yuan).

6. 45% want a government position

7. 22% want to work long hard hours for a foreign country or joint venture

8. 15% opt for a state owned enterprise

9. 7% will work for a private company

10. 11% want to start their own business

The most effective ways to find a job:

1. 45% - social networking through family, friends and acquaintances

2. 17% - talent fairs

3. 15% - self-recommendations

4. 15% - university-organized job-hunting programs

The article ends with the question "How did you find your job?".

I will leave that question open.

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