Friday 9 February 2007

Which UK University to study in? "Academic Ranking of World Universities"

The link to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University TOP 500 University ranking is now in the sidebar.

When students are thinking about postgraduate study abroad using University rankings is an important method for narrowing down the choice.

Academic Ranking of Universities

The UK Universities in the TOP 100 are:

World Ranking University European Ranking

2. University of Cambridge 1.
10. University of Oxford 2.
23. Imperial College London 3.
26. University College London 4.
50. University of Manchester 9.
52. University of Edinburgh 11.
62. University of Bristol 15.
69. University of Sheffield 20.
79. Universiy of Nottingham 24.
83. Kings College London 26.
90. University of Birmingham 29.

Consequently, we will use this ranking to present the Postgraduate courses available for Chinese students wishing to study Economics and Economic related subjects in the UK. See the sidebar on the right under postgraduate education.

Whilst not ordered in terms of Economics specifically, graduate employees are likely to be aware of both the ranking of the University and the course (with arguably more weight on the former).

However, there are some notable Universities that need to be included given the high quality provision of their Social Science provision. These include:

London School of Economics
London Business School
University of East Anglia
University of Warwick

Given the relatively homogeneous product of a Masters in Economics, it is a balance between course and University ranking (and of course cost and entry requirements).

Entry requirements and language requirements will be discussed in a later post.
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Which UK University to study in? "Academic Ranking of World Universities"

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Anonymous said...

In some rankings University of Essex appears in the ranking some times is University of Essex?


Unknown said...

Thanks for dropping in. The University of Essex is small by UK standards but it has some excellent departments in the social sciences and Economics is one of them. It is probably a top 10 Economics department and has the top research rating of 5. Colchester as a place to live leaves a lot to be desired however.

Anonymous said...

wat abt university for banking and finance? which one will be the best choice?

Anonymous said...

great list! University of Oxford is the best one i guess.

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