Thursday 22 February 2007

Studying "Economics in the UK": General Links

We have spent some time talking about where to study for a "MSc in Economics" in the UK and the cost - in this post we provide all the general information required including information on Visas, English Language and much more.

"MSc Economics": How much does it cost?
Which UK University to study in? Academic Rankings

In this post we provide the other links that Chinese students will find useful when deciding on which country to study and where. Linked to this is the provision of English language teaching.

The most respected source of information is the British Council. Anything you read on the British Council website can be trusted. Links are now provided under GENERAL EDUCATION in the sidebar.

Some rules and hints:

(1) If you want to study English in the UK make sure you ONLY pick a course that is accredited by the British Council. British Council accredited English Courses.

(2) Make sure you follow the UK Visa application process closely and apply in time. This is the UK government site for UK Visa applications. UK Visas.

(3) When picking a course, if you are from China, make sure you check the British Council China site. At this site there is a lot of information in Chinese and you can select the course you want and it will provide a list of all recognised instutions. See the links below:

Full-time postgraduate economics courses in the UK (first 100 courses)

Full-time undergraduate economics courses in the UK (first 100 courses)

I reiterate - use these lists in conjunction with the World University Rankings.

As economists or would-be economists you should be thinking rationally - this means you should take an economics qualification that will maximise your life-time earnings. This means going to a Univerity that is world renowned and will have been heard of by potential employees (they may even have gone there themselves). Taking an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in the UK is expensive. Make sure you make the right decision.

This will often mean going to big city Universities that have large science based departments and good international reputations.

The Universities included in the Postgraduate list in the sidebar should provide a good starting place.

(4) For information on other qualifications and other information about studying in the UK see the British Council Factsheets.

If you want to take an English Language course, Undergraduate and then postgraduate course it might be worth looking at those places that provide all three. You can work this out using the links above. We may post on this a later date but I would advise taking your Engish course at a well established University. This will give you a better feel for undergraduate or postgraduate life in the UK.

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Studying "Economics in the UK": General Links

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