Wednesday 21 May 2014

Conducting field work in China

Useful post from Sinograduate. Click the link to see expanded descriptions of each point.

Conducting Field Work in China

If youre a masters or Ph.D. student conducting social science research on China for your thesis or dissertation, at some point you might find yourself in China for fieldwork. Having recently spent a year in China for my own dissertation fieldwork, here are some suggestions for a successful (or at least not overwhelmingly painful) fieldwork experience in China.
1) You’ll need an affiliation. 
2) Don’t necessarily affiliate at the top universities. 
3) Load up on your guanxi.
4) Have copies of an affiliation letter from your institution for cold calls. 
5) It’s easier to say no on the phone than it is in person. 
6) Hire a Chinese research assistant to bring to meetings with you. 
7) Come bearing gifts.

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