Sunday 10 January 2010

China's empty city of Ordos

Where does China's 8% growth really come from?

Having just read the Genghis Khan trilogy I am a big fan of inner Mongolia and the fall of the Chin empire. The unwashed Mongol hordes operated an impressive and ruthless military machines. Although not intellectual these books are an easy read. Took me a week to read all three (see below).

Back to the empty city - Genghis was never a "city man" showing a strong preference for the open plains. Perhaps this explains the empty city of Ordos.

There are some simple supply and demand issues with the "empty city". This is another example of the waste from China's stimulus package. When the money runs out there will be carnage.

Here are the books on the cheap for those who like a boys own story with a body count in the millions.


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Anonymous said...

the empty city is too expensive to live in. that absurdity is something you would find in the book Catch-22.