Wednesday 18 November 2009

50 best blogs about China

Another one of those "50 best something or other lists".

This one is on China and includes China Economics Blog.

Some useful sites that might be worth checking out.

50 Best Blogs to Learn All About China[Onlien Schools]

Over the past few decades China has risen to be one of the world’s biggest economic and political powers. Yet even as it has gained increasing recognition on the world stage, many people know little about Chinese culture, day-to-day life and politics. For those who can’t afford to fly around the world to explore in person, these blogs offer a chance to learn more about this ancient culture, modern country and diverse population without ever having to leave home.

Here is the business and industry section:

Business and Industry

Learn more about China’s national and international economics in these blogs.

15. China Law Blog: Learn more about how Chinese law impacts business on this blog.
16. PanAsianBiz: This blog reports news stories from all over Asia, China included.
17. China Economics Blog: Here you’ll get analysis and stats all about China’s economic development.
18. Black China Blog: Check out this site to learn about China’s aluminum and raw materials market.
19. China Business Services Blog: This blog will help you keep up with business and economic news in China.
20. Experience Not Logic: Visit this site to read interesting posts about business and law.
21. Silk Road International Blog: If you want to know more about doing business with China, this blog is a great place to start finding information.
22. Grape Wall of China: Learn about the Chinese wine industry and how it markets to the world’s largest market here.
23. China Goods News: This site can help you learn more about Chinese goods made for export.
24. The China Observer: With great insights and commentary, this site is an essential read on business in China.


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