Friday 22 August 2008

Globalist: A month on China

The recent issue of "The Globalist" has a number of interesting China articles continuing a month of China related articles.

Also on The Globalist this week:

Coming on Friday
Australia: The Power Behind the Scenes at the Beijing Olympics
How has Australia been involved in the 2008 Olympics?
By Tim Harcourt

Chinese Lessons
As compared to the China of a quarter century ago, what has since changed — and what remains the same?
By John Pomfret

China Reinvents the City
What are the long-term effects of hasty urban planning and questionable construction standards in China?
By Thomas Campanella

China Goes Green
How can China’s characteristic speed and innovation be applied to finding sustainable energy solutions?
By Thomas Campanella

The Chinese Brand of Democracy
Can China produce its own model of democracy separate from Western ideals?
By Mark Leonard

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