Sunday 20 July 2008

Honey trapped in China

A great story that involves sex, Gordon Brown, spying and government officials. I wonder who qualifies to be trapped in this manner? Do mediocre economists count?

This could have of course simply been a common theft but what about those hallmarks...

Gordon Brown aide a victim of honeytrap operation by Chinese agents [Times]

A top aide to Gordon Brown has been a suspected victim of a “honeytrap” operation by Chinese intelligence agents.

The aide, a senior Downing Street adviser who was with the prime minister on a trip to China earlier this year, had his BlackBerry phone stolen after being picked up by a Chinese woman who had approached him in a Shanghai hotel disco.

The aide agreed to return to his hotel with the woman. He reported the BlackBerry missing the next morning.

The aide, whose identity is known to The Sunday Times, immediately reported the theft to the prime minister’s Special Branch protection team and was informally reprimanded.

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