Thursday, 13 March 2008

Corruption in Asia

I have done some work looking at the impact of corruption in China. It was therefore interesting to read a recent ChinaLawBlog post on corruption rankings in Asia.

Corruption In Asia: China Is Ten Out Of Thirteen [ChinaLawBlog]

The Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) recently asked "over 1,400 expatriates" to rank 13 Asian economies on corruption and the results of that survey, from least corrupt to most corrupt, are as follows:

1. Singapore
2. Hong Kong
3. Japan
4. Macau
5. South Korea
6. Malaysia
7. Taiwan
8. India
9. Vietnam
10. China
11. Indonesia
12. Thailand
13. Philippines

China is a creditable 10th but is pretty much where I would have placed it in this list of countries.


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