Thursday, 10 January 2008

How is China viewed in the World?

Interesting article from the Pew Research centre on world wide perceptions of China.

Out of 47 countries surveyed only 5 have an overall negative view (less than for the US).

The China/US comparisons and the time series element to this survey make interesting reading.

How the World Sees China [Pew Research Centre]

Negative views of China are especially strong in Japan, where 67% say they have a generally unfavorable view of China while an even larger majority (80%) disapproves of China's expanding military strength. Several European countries also cast a worried eye on the Middle Kingdom with majorities in Italy (61%), the Czech Republic (58%), Germany (54%), France (51%) as well as Turkey (53%) saying they hold an unfavorable view of China.

(H/T: The China Game)

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Charles Edward Frith said...

I'm surprised not to see the U.S. further up the protest vote food chain. Excellent blog I add(sic).