Thursday 22 November 2007

China Environmental Round-up 21/11/2007

There is no doubt that China has serious environmental problems. It is also true that environmental degradation is limiting Chinese growth with the problem promising to get worse.

In this post I merely emphasise the importance of the environment by providing links from just 1 days PlanetArk news to illustrate the size and importance of the problem. Note again, this is just one days environmental news for China that has managed to make the mainstream news reports.

China's Energy Saving Efforts Gather Pace in Q3
BEIJING - China's efforts to cut the energy it uses to generate each dollar of national income, a key pillar of Beijing's argument that it is tackling carbon emissions, gathered pace in the third quarter, government sources said.

China Takes Pollution Fight to Threatened Villages
BEIJING - Pollution in China's vast countryside is threatening health, water and arable land, the government said on Wednesday, vowing to stop toxic industries shifting pollution to villages.

China Three Gorges Landslide Kills One, Two Missing
BEIJING - A landslide near China's huge Three Gorges Dam trapped four workers, killing one, state media reported, as officials announced efforts to counter environmental fallout from the controversial project.

China Coal Fire Put Out After More Than 50 Years
BEIJING - An underground coal fire in remote northwest China that has raged unchecked for more than 50 years has finally been put out, state media reported on Wednesday.

More than 12.43 million tonnes of coal had been consumed in the fire and an estimated 651 million tonnes saved at the Terak field in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang autonomous region, the Coalfield Fire Fighting Project Office was quoted as saying.

China to Hold Asia Climate Change Meeting in 2008
SINGAPORE - China will hold a meeting in Beijing next year for Asian countries to discuss climate change, as it faces the risk of more droughts and floods and seeks common ground on a potential successor to the UN Kyoto Protocol.

India, China Sign Deal to Stabilise Greenhouse Gases
SINGAPORE - Leaders of Asian countries, including top polluters India and China, on Wednesday signed an agreement that aims to stabilise greenhouses gas emissions.

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