Thursday, 11 October 2007

"All roads lead to China" on the "Environment"

The blog "All roads lead to China" has published a series of environment related articles with the latest being inspired by the Green awakening article that we called:

"a green awakening in red china"

The most interesting quote from "All Roads" is:

Gone are the days were one could simply show up, wave some money in front of an official, and have the EVA (Environmental Assessment) form overlooked. Gone were the days where a multinational could promise jobs and tax base to get a more favorable reading on an environmental reading.

Such a stark assessment relates well to our frequent "corruption" posts and issues related to the presence of multinationals in China (see labels) and the possibility that Western companies have been using China as a "pollution haven" to avoid strictly regulations (or stricter enforcement of regulations) at home.

Some interesting comments are made in the article below.

1300 Annecdotes Make it a Trend. Clean Up or Close Up

Another interesting article from the same blog is:

Tianjin’s New BinHai Plan for Chemical Industry

It is often useful for economists to get a more "micro" view of what is going on on the ground as a method of evaluating possible areas of research.


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