Monday 4 June 2007

Econphd Ranking of "Economics departments"

As part of a series of posts looking at UK and worldwide rankings of Economics departments for those considering postgraduate study (MSc Economics) comes a series of rankings not previously considered on this blog from

There are 3 categories:

1. Network.
2. Average Productivity.
3. An overall ranking.

Methodology for construction.

Unique among rankings, econphd have also disaggregated by sub-discipline so there are rankings for "trade and development", "econometrics", "macroeconomics" etc.

Given the UK nature of this blog I list just those Universities in the top 200 of the overall ranking.

Note the correlation between ranking and the list of MSc courses in the sidebar. Again, quality of institution matters.

12 London School of Economics (LSE)
31 Oxford U
34 Warwick U
39 U Cambridge
47 University College London
48 U Essex
65 U York
68 U Nottingham
91 Queen Mary & Westfield College
96 U Southampton
105 London Business School
108 Birkbeck College
110 U Bristol
112 U Manchester
113 U Leicester
144 U Edinburgh
149 U Glasgow
153 Royal Holloway College
159 U Wales - Cardiff
164 Imperial College
165 U Exeter
166 U Birmingham
167 U East Anglia

No real surprises here. I would expect UK Universities to do better in the future given the additional spending on education and the fact that UK academic salaries are getting significantly closer to those paid in the US and far better than a lot of Europe.

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