Sunday 18 March 2007

Studying in the UK: Cost of Accommodation

The cost of taking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in the UK is not cheap.

We have covered the cost of fees in a previous post (for MSc Economics):

"MSc Economics": How much does it cost?

The fees noted above are also relevant for the majority of University fees although Economics and finance degrees are often more highly priced.

In this post we consider accommodation costs.

In a recent article in the Mail on Sunday it was stated that the average weekly rent is now £82, or around £3,190 a year (this may be higher for postgraduates who have to live over the summer). Multiply £82 by 52.

For London the average price is over £100 a week or £4,038 a year.

One reason for the steep increases in recent years is the move into the University sector by private providers. There is no doubt that the quality of accommodation is good and will include en suite and broadband Internet connection (for free) and basic satellite television.

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