Thursday 13 March 2008

Students in China to get food subsidies

Whenever possible we like to cover the state of education in China and more specifically provide advice to students wanting to study abroad (UK in particular).

It is therefore a sign of the different worlds inhabited by those Chinese students in the UK and the average student in China.

China earmarks more food subsidies to college students []

China yesterday allocated more funds to college students as a temporary food subsidy to offset the burden of rising inflation.

According to the ministries of education and finance, the money will be given out "as soon as possible" to students from financially vulnerable homes.

Several days earlier, the two ministries had channeled a subsidy of 189.28 million yuan to students of universities managed by the central government. The size was calculated by 20 yuan per person during each of the four months from March to June.

Local governments had also been directed to allocate subsidies to colleges they manage in accordance with the same criteria.


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