Friday 28 March 2008

Poverty is China - RDE Special Issue

The latest issue of "Review of Development Economics" (a decent development journal) has a special section of 3 papers looking at poverty in China.


Special Section: Poverty and Inequality in China
Guest Editor: Guanghua Wan

Introduction to the Special Section: Poverty and Inequality in China
Guanghua Wan
pages 416–418

How Should We Measure Poverty in a Changing World? Methodological Issues and Chinese Case Study
Lars Osberg and Kuan Xu
pages 419–441

Gender Earnings Differential in Urban China
Meiyan Wang and Fang Cai
pages 442–454

Explaining the Poverty Difference between Inland and Coastal China: A Regression-based Decomposition Approach
Guanghua Wan and Yin Zhang
pages 455–467

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Anonymous said...

My question for this blog is: with all of these 100+million internal migrants from the countryside to the cities, what employment opportunities exist for most of them. Does anyone know of a study of what % of these workers end up in each industry by city? For example, are all of the migrant workers in Shanghai working in the construction industry? What % work in factories? Does it differ by city? I would be very curious about this.

Please let me know if you know of any studies on this question.