Wednesday, 27 February 2008

World Development Special Issue: Asian Drivers

World Development has a recent special issue looking at the impact of Asian drivers on the developing World. The quality of papers in World Development is usually average to good.

Some interesting papers and some "not so interesting" papers. Special issues can often mean a lower average quality of contribution.

The Impact of Asian Drivers on the Developing World

Introduction: The Impact of Asian Drivers on the Developing World
Pages 197-209
Raphael Kaplinsky and Dirk Messner

Asian Growth and Trade Poles: India, China, and East and Southeast Asia
Pages 210-234
Scott McDonald, Sherman Robinson and Karen Thierfelder

The Impact of China on Latin America and the Caribbean
Pages 235-253
Rhys Jenkins, Enrique Dussel Peters and Mauricio Mesquita Moreira

Do the Asian Drivers Undermine Export-oriented Industrialization in SSA
Pages 254-273
Raphael Kaplinsky and Mike Morris

Global Governance and Developing Countries: The Implications of the Rise of China
Pages 274-292
Jing Gu, John Humphrey and Dirk Messner

Do the Asian Drivers Pull their Diplomatic Weight China, India, and the United Nations
Pages 293-307
Andrew F. Cooper and Thomas Fues

China’s Capacities for Mitigating Climate Change
Pages 308-324
Carmen Richerzhagen and Imme Scholz

Breakthrough China’s and India’s Transition from Production to Innovation
Pages 325-344
Tilman Altenburg, Hubert Schmitz and Andreas Stamm


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