Friday, 12 October 2007

Futia on China's stock market rise 11/10/2007

Carl Futia uses forecasting methods to predict markets. Predicting a long term break above 8000 is a bold move given the possible political upheaval (something chartists do not take into account).

Here is his current view on China.

China [Scroll down to find post with chart]

"As you can see the index is within a 100 points or so of my 5650 target. I think the next significant development will be a break of 800-900 points, about the same amount (arithmetically) as the last significant reaction. I should note that at about the 5800 level the market will have advanced the same percentage as the February-May rally. This is another reason to expect a stall in the 5600-5800 range.

After this next break is over I shall expect another leg up of about the same percentage as the current leg (70-75%). Such a move would put the index above the 8000 level."


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