Wednesday, 29 August 2007

The BEST economics blog ranking EVER

China Economic Blog is pleased to provide a link to the new listing of 100 economic blogs.

Guess who is number ONE (out of 100)?

Goodbye Freakonomics, goodbye Greg Mankiw, goodbye Becker-Posner, goodbye David Smith.

OK, so it is just a listing of 100 blogs in a random order but hey, we at China Economics Blog are not proud.

Top 100 Economics Blogs

Here are the other International blogs.

International Economics

These blogs focus more on international economics, rather than just the United States’ economic scene. Discover insightful posts that reveal direct and indirect economic effects on global policy.

1. China Economics Blog - A good place to find news, observations, statistics, information on undergraduate (BSc and BA economics) postgraduate (MSc economics) and academic analysis of important issues for China’s economy. Topics about China’s include economic growth, inequality, stockmarket, shares, exchange rates, the environment, and foreign direct investment

2. Economics in the News - “Britain’s most popular economics blog” is a must-read for economists all over the world. Learn how European currencies and trends affect the global economy.

3. Adam Smith Institute - The Adam Smith Institute is the UK’s leading innovator of free-market policies. It researches practical ways to inject choice and competition into public services, extend personal freedom, reduce taxes, prune back regulation, and cut government waste.

4. AtlanticBlog - Site contains thoughts on politics, economics, and culture by an economist living in Ireland.

5. Club for Growth - This blog is written by an academic economist to document the rapidly changing Chinese economy and its local and global implications.

6. Dear Economist - The ‘Dear Economist’ column in the Financial Times answers readers’ personal problems with the tools of Adam Smith.

7. Eclectic Econoclast - Canadian economics professor examines economics from a non-U.S.centric point of view. Objective and academically sound theories.

8. Mises Economics Blog - Part of a larger site which offers reliable and stable research tools to classrooms and libraries around the world. The blog offers particular insight into Austrian economics and libertarian political theory.

9. New Economist - The author of this blog is London-based, so reading up on his research will give you a broader perspective of the world economy.

10. Nouriel Roubini’s Global Economics Blogs - On this blog, readers are able to select in-depth analyses of the economy in the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, or the Middle East and Africa.

11. Tea With FT - A clever blog from a former World Bank Executive Director, articles are disguised as letters to the editor of the Financial Times.

12. Stumbling and Mumbling - A primarily British-centric site, this economics blog mixes hard news with hysterical anecdotes.

13. Tim Worstall - This personal blog comes from Tim Worstall, who proudly flaunts the review that he is “bad, mad, and dangerous to know” at the top of his Web page.

14. Vox - A policy portal set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research ( in conjunction with a consortium of national sites. Vox aims to promote research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading scholars. The intended audience is economists in governments, international organisations, academia and the private sector as well as journalists specializing in economics, finance and business.

15. David Smith’s EconomicsUK - Author David Smith boasts that this blog features “all the economics you need.” Open forums supplement his own articles and reviews.

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