Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Win in China - the movie

From the inbox:

Robert A. Compton, Two Million Minutes executive producer, and award-winning film maker Ole Schell team up to tell the story of the world's largest and most lucrative business-plan competition. The competition is held...not in the United States or in any western country, but in communist China.

Commentators in the film include Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group and Chairman of Yahoo China, James Fallows, correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly and China expert Orville Schell.

Given unprecedented access to the TV shows producers, contestants, judges and audience, Schell discovers in China things are often not as they first appear.

For the first time, westerners see Chinese capitalism in its rawest form. Superficially similar to western business, Chinese business culture is unique. Beneath the game shows surface lies a nuanced, subtle view of Chinese business practices, ambitions, ethical norms and competitive behaviors.


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