Sunday 15 March 2009

Law, Finance and Economic Growth in China

"Law, Finance and Economic Growth in China" is the title of the special issue of World Development. Some potentially interesting papers covering this broad topic although I am more skeptical on the contribution of others.

World Development Special Issue

Law, Finance, and Economic Growth in China: An Introduction
Pages 753-762
Yang Yao, Linda Yueh

The Effectiveness of Law, Financial Development, and Economic Growth in an Economy of Financial Repression: Evidence from China
Pages 763-777
Susan Feng Lu, Yang Yao

China’s Entrepreneurs
Pages 778-786
Linda Yueh

Bank Financing in China’s Private Sector: The Payoffs of Political Capital
Pages 787-799
Wubiao Zhou

Bank Size and Small- and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Lending: Evidence from China
Pages 800-811
Yan Shen, Minggao Shen, Zhong Xu, Ying Bai

Which Firms went Public in China? A Study of Financial Market Regulation
Pages 812-824
Julan Du, Chenggang Xu

International Listing as a Means to Mobilize the Benefits of Financial Globalization: Micro-level Evidence from China
Pages 825-838
Damian Tobin, Laixiang Sun

Spillover Effects Among the Greater China Stock Markets
Pages 839-851
Anders C. Johansson, Christer Ljungwall

Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment: China versus the Rest of the World
Pages 852-865
Joseph P.H. Fan, Randall Morck, Lixin Colin Xu, Bernard Yeung

What Determines Innovation Activity in Chinese State-owned Enterprises? The Role of Foreign Direct Investment
Pages 866-873
Sourafel Girma, Yundan Gong, Holger Görg

Can China’s Growth be Sustained? A Productivity Perspective
Pages 874-888
Jinghai Zheng, Arne Bigsten, Angang Hu



Anwalt said...

In my point of view the Economic growth is the increase in the amount of the goods and services produced by an economy over time.
Your blogs info is about to the chines economy is very nice keep up it,
I am looking forward more useful information.

Financial Chronicle said...

In my view, the main source of economic growth of China is its export trading. Its industrial support is very strong due to heavy technically efficient man power available.

Unknown said...

Economic growth is very broad: it includes legal system, financial system, education, medicare and infrastructure..etc as well. China has challenged the literacy that sound legal and financial system are better for the economic growth, but no one can explain it clearly (at least, I am not satisfied). It's a little bit pity.