Wednesday, 21 January 2009

How China can hit 8% according to "All Roads"

The big "8%" question and how China can reach it if it tries hard enough is covered in a two part post over at "all roads lead to China".

There Are Many Ways China Can Hit 8% Growth - Part 1 [All roads lead to China]

Last Monday I was invited back onto CNBC to discuss the current economic atmosphere, and China’s prospects for 2009.

It was another large topic to cover in 6 minutes, and as always, I felt like I left a few things untied at the end and wanted to take a minute to further explain some of my thoughts.

Will China hit 8% growth?

With my initial comment being correct “There are many ways to hit it (8%), the question is whether or not they will hit it in the right way”. It is a question I wished more time on as I think was perhaps the most important question of the interview.

There Are Many Ways China Can Hit 8% Growth - Part 2 [All roads lead to China]

The story continues.

These two posts are worth reading in full.


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did that guy even say anything? i read like a bunch of circular jabber.