Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Reith Lectures - Chinese vistas

BBC Radio 4 present a series of lectures on China by Professor Jonathan Spence.

Highly recommended listening (pod casts available) for those interested in China.

Reith Lectures - Chinese Vistas

Lecture 1:

Chinese Vistas: In a lecture recorded at the British Library in London, Jonathan Spence reflects on China's most enduring thinker, Confucius. Who was this man, what did he believe in, and what contemporary relevance does his message have, nearly 2,500 years after his death? The Confucian message has survived countless attacks and is being recycled by the Chinese Communist leadership today.

Lecture 2:

Spence examines China's relations with the United Kingdom through three centuries of trade, warfare, unequal treaties and missionary endeavours that shaped their mutual perceptions.

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