Thursday, 8 March 2007

China's Growth and Integration into the World Economy: Prospects and Challenges

Three new IMF published books have just been released that may be useful for those with an interest in Chinese and Asian-Pacific economic issues. These books rarely have academic value but can provide good empirical overviews for policy makers and can be a good source of data.

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China's Growth and Integration into the World Economy: Prospects and Challenges

China's transformation into a dynamic private-sector-led economy and its integration into the world economy have been among the most dramatic global economic developments of recent decades. This study provides an overview of some of the key aspects of recent developments in China's macroeconomy and economic structure.

China and India Learning from Each Other: Reforms and Policies for Sustained Growth

What does the future hold for these giants that are the two fastest-growing emerging markets and among the three largest economies in Asia? Their economic muscle is having increasingly far-reaching effects on the global economy. This must-read new book draws together analysis and insight from high-level policymakers and advisors in both countries, and shows how, for many years, the two countries have cooperated and learned from each other. In addition, the book describes what has (and what has not) worked in each country and offers some concrete suggestions about how each may achieve long-term sustainable development.

Regional Economic Outlook: Asia and Pacific

The September 2006 report analyzes recent developments, examines the impact of the recent market correction, and assesses potential for capital inflows and equity markets, as well as examining private consumption and trends in inequality. Chapters address financial developments in emerging Asia; the main macroeconomic issues facing policymakers; Asia's external surpluses; Asia's investment decline; and rebalancing growth in China.

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